my process.

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the process is never linear. 

Design isn't a straightforward process. Discovering is the first step. This could be discovering a problem or an opportunity where design can make a positive impact. Discover the way in which things could change. Research is an integral part of this stage so one can fully understand the design area. Ideate comes next. Creating multiple rounds of ideas, sometimes this involves going back and taking another look at the discover stage. Ideation is an essential step in the process since this is where ideas are built. With that comes testing the ideas. When testing doesn't work out as intended, it is important to go back to the ideation and develop ways in which it could work better. After that, comes refine, hammering out the details while still keeping in mind those important elements that were initially discovered. Reflection is taking a step away from your work and analyzing how it turned out. Were all the ideals accomplished at the end?